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Review: Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer by Shirley Corder

This is an amazing book of meditations for women going through breast cancer. Each page gives some thought provoking questions, things to ponder, words of wisdom and some simply amazing well thought out prayers.

 I was very impressed with this book. I, personally, do not have breast cancer, but have friends who do and my grandmother (raised me) had a double mastectomy from breast cancer, so I wanted to read this book to see how it would help others, and even possibly me should I ever need it.
 I was so very amazed at the faith Shirley Corder shows in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone dealing with breast cancer and even possibly loved ones. You can alter the prayers for those who are in need of prayers that are dealing with breast cancer if you aren't the person with the ugly disease. I found that reading this book, you didn't have to be going through the breast cancer yourself, but could apply it to those you know who might be and you could even offer some daily insight to those who might be going through it.
Five stars for this book. I loved it!

 I recieved this book from the publisher Baker Publishing Group and bookfun.org for my honest opinion.

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