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Review: The Difference You Make by Pat Williams

Upon opening up the book I was worried that I would not be able to read through this book. This is not my typical type of read, until I came upon Wooden's name. I have read a few books on Wooden, being a Kinesiology major, and thoroughly love the man. So, I trudged on.

This book was about a man who has delved out principles not only on life but on work ethic and selflessness. He uses real life examples to drive the truth of the matter in, doing so while he struggles with multiple myeloma. He is a bundle of courage and information encouraging us to use our influences selflessly and to give of ourselves freely.

By the time I finished this book I had learned a few things about myself and plan to make some changes by giving more of myself in the manner in which Pat Williams teaches. Yes, I said teaches. Any good teacher deserves acknowledgement, and that is exactly what Pat Williams does when he encourages us to utilize his principles of life. He utilizes famous people  who have influenced him and people who he has influenced to share with us his true stories to do what, I think, we need him to do. Show us how to live.

Five stars for a well written and communicative book!

This book was given to me by the publishers and bookfun.org in return for my honest opinion.

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