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Hallee Bridgeman Jewels Bundle (Sapphire Ice & Greater Than Rubies)

Sapphire Ice and Greater Than Rubies is a beautiful and inspirational story about two adults who have been through the utmost torment that a human being could possibly go through, as children. From the moment Tony meets (sees) Robin, he is completely enamored by her; Robin never even notices Tony, until a second meeting when she is serving him in a restaurant, where she makes it completely and utterly clear that she despises him.  Tony's gentle touch takes Robin where no man has ever taken her - into a spiritual adventure of love like no other.
Hallee Bridgeman has done an amazing job of winding real life into two amazing stories of adulthood, the power of prayer and our amazing Lord above, and love. These books/novella's had me completely enamored from the first few words! Ms. Bridgeman's love for her heavenly Lord definately come out in a well written and spiritually versed book. Five stars for this bundle of faith!
I received this ebundle from bookfun.org for my honest opinion and review of these books.